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The initial agreement signed by CAL ran for a period of 1 year from 3rd March 2015. It was renewed by a memorandum of agreement for 2016. It is hoped to continue to renew the agreement annually and, if possible, include additional sites. If this agreement can be demonstrated to be working smoothly then it may be possible to encourage other landowners with sites of interest to join the scheme.

The sites covered by the current agreement are listed in the table below. Some of the sites have access restrictions which must be obeyed by visitors. Generally these will be due to the presence of wildlife, e.g. birds or bats, which must be left undisturbed at critical times of the year. Some sites have management plans which provide guidance on car parking and a preferred route to avoid undue disturbance or inconvenience to neighbours and it is essential that these are followed. Click on the site name for more details.

Sites included in the agreement at March 2015 and subsequent additions

Most sites now have access documentation and guides in place.

CAL has dropped Draethen Lead Mines from the site list because we have been unable to make any progress to agree an access protocol due to concerns of local NRW staff about Greater Horseshoe bats which hibernate at this mine in the winter.

We will continue to talk to them to try and reach agreement for summer access
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