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Rhiwbach Slate Quarry/Mine

Rhiwbach Slate Mine is heavily used by outdoor pursuits centres and other commercial ventures for both guided trips and training for Local Cave and Mine Leader candidates. Over the years there has been a significant expenditure involving the installation of fixed aids and other equipment and recreational cavers and mine explorers must respect this.

Recreational explorers accessing the mine via the CAL agreement may well encounter other commercial groups within the mine and must make every effort to avoid disrupting their activities as this is their livelyhood. While the commercial groups are limited to the areas of the mine laid down by the mine inspectorate, recreational visitors are not subject to this restriction, but should note that there are a lot of unstable areas which may be hazardous.

Vistors must not install bolts or other fixed aids

Please adhere to the code of practice provided below so that we can continue to be allowed access to this mine.

The mine entrances are both locked with combination padlocks which have the number changed on a regular basis. You enter the code and press the button on the bottom of the lock. It is suggested that visitors contact one of the CAL directors to find out the current combination. Do not share the code with others

There is an issue with loose rock at the top of the air shaft exit o please avoid this area and use the main exit for now

Rhiwbach Access Code of Practice
Rhiwbach Map
Rhiwbach Abandonment Plan

There is a separate page on diving in Rhiwbach here

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