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8th October 2022 - NRW/WG have terminated the CAL licence

NRW have formally terminated the CAL agreement as of the 20th November 2022. Without the agreement there is no formal access to any of the CAL sites after this date.

CAL very much reget this has happened, the scheme has worked for almost 8 years without any issues and we think NRW are being very short-sighted. It is possible they may come up with a replacement scheme, however we have stated that this cannot involve any payment and it would have to be as easy to manage as the existing scheme

23rd May 2022 - Loose rock at top of Rhiwbach Airshaft

There is a report of some loose rock at the top of the airshaft in Rhiwbach Slate Mine. Visitors are recommended to avoid exiting via this route and use the cathedral gate instead. It is not clear how long it will take for the <>

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