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The CAL scheme has been terminated by NRW - see news update

Cave access Limited is a company created to manage recreational access on behalf of Cavers and Mine Explorers to various mines and caves on land owned by Natural Resources Wales (NRW). This is a new organisation which merges three former public bodies - Forestry Commission Wales, Environment Agency Wales and Countryside Council for Wales.

Access negotiations were started several years ago by Elsie Little on behalf of Cambrian Caving Council to try to reach an agreement with the Forestry Commission to allow suitably insured people to explore and document many of the underground sites on their land.

Prior to this, there had been a history of unofficial and uncontrolled access to underground sites on Forestry Commission land despite this being forbidden by FC byelaws. The Forestry Commission were concerned about their liability in the event of an accident and it was felt that both sides could benefit if controlled access could be provided to suitably insured and experienced individuals.

Sadly Elsie died before negotiations could be concluded but the Cambrian Caving Council felt that it was worth continuing the work and after considerable effort Stuart France, the current CCC Access & Conservation Officer, managed to negotiate an agreement acceptable to all parties.

It was felt that the risk was best handled by a limited company rather than the Cambrian Caving Council and so Cave Access Limited was formed to sign the contract and organise access on behalf of Cavers and Mine Explorers. The company is a member of the British Caving Association and holds BCA insurance as an access granting body.

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