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Hafna Lead Mine

The Hafna site is largely dominated by the remains of the processing mill and chimney which rise up the hill behind the Hafna car park. The mill processed ore from several other mines (e.g. Conway Mine) as well as that from the Hafna sett.

The Hafna mine itself probably started as surface workings and only later were shafts and adits dug to gain access to deep ore deposits. The mine had several changes of ownership and the most productive time was with Hafna Mines Limited between 1907 till the mines abandonment in 1915.

Current access is via the No. 3 adit which is located on ground behind the top of the mill to the right of the bat castle over the old winding shaft. The main areas of interest require SRT for access and there are stainless steel bolts (mainly 10mm) which require plate hangers. The mine is only suitable for experienced explorers who are capable of rigging the pitches and can quantify the risks.

Note: Hafna now has a combination lock (hopefully with the same code as Rhiwbach) as there is a concern that nosy members of the public might gain access

August 2017: one of the 12mm anchors at the top of the ladderway is suspect. Please be very careful rigging - it will be replaced in the future.

Hafna Mine Explorers Guide and risk assessment

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