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Cae Coch Sulphur Mine

Cae Coch Sulphur Mine was worked by pillar and stall techniques, the iron pyrites thus extracted was used as a source of sulphur for the chemical industry. The mine closed at the end of the 19th century but was re-opened during both World Wars to provide material for the manufacture of sulphuric acid.

The mine is quite extensive and consists of many interconnected chambers which slope down following the dip of the mineralisation.

Most of the mine is fairly safe, but there are some areas when timber roof supports have failed and these should be avoided. There are many pools of water in the mine which are very acidic and support various bacterial colonies which live off the sulphurous liquid.

The walls and chamber roof have many multicoloured formations, some mineral and others baterial in origin. There are many areas with crystals of gypsum and secondary minerals derived from the oxidation of the iron pyrites.

Lesser Horseshoe Bats are known to use Cae Coch as a winter roost and so there is no access between October and April to avoid disturbance to hibernating bats

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