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Visiting CAL Sites

Access to CAL sites is freely available to all cavers and mine explorers with BCA insurance (either as a Direct Insured Member or Club Insured Member). In addition, members of foreign clubs who belong to the national representative body (the equivilent of the BCA) are also permitted access but will have to obtain BCA insurance.

Before accessing sites, vistors need to register with CAL. This just involves sending details of your name, your BCA number and the name of your club (if any) to CAL via the email below. CAL will send a permit which will last till the end of the year and will need to renewed on a yearly basis.

CAL is required to keep an accurate record of visitors to the sites in the agreement. In particular the following details need to be logged:

  • The name of the site
  • The name of the club (In the case of DIM's use 'BCA')
  • The name and BCA number of the group leader
  • The number of party members
  • The date of the visit
The suggested way to provide this information is to send an email with the above details to CAL before visiting the site. The following email address can be used for permits, site access and trip reports:

It would also be helpful if groups could email a short report about their trip with feedback on any issues or interesting finds. We need to demonstrate to the landowners that the agreement is working and people are making use of it. In the future it is hoped to extend the agreements to include other mines and sites of interest, but this will only happen if we have the statistics to show usage.

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